Children (7-12) will experiment with different materials such as pencils, pastels, markers and gouache paint. 

Lessons will be filled with fun exercises to bring out the students’ creativity while subtly teaching them the basic techniques of fundamental realistic drawing.

These young students will learn to “see” as an artist!  


Teenagers (13-17) who have an interest in drawing and painting or want to pursue a career in art, illustration, animation, fashion, graphic design can learn and improve on their artistic skills at ArtHouse. Students will also learn the fundamentals of drawing & painting.

They will have personal projects and receive constructive feedback.



Adults (18+) with no drawing or painting experience or with lots of art experience are welcome to come for art classes.

If you’d like to learn the basics or just want to know how to use the medium, or even just for some creative fun. Each artist will work on their own personal projects or can have a project tailored to what they want to learn.

Whether you want to learn how to draw a portrait in pencil, paint a watercolour landscape, learn some helpful techniques or just hang out and enjoy some “creative time” with like-minded people, ArtHouse can provide this safe and comfortable space for you. 


Arts & Crafts


Arts & Crafts classes are also offered every other Saturday at ArtHouse. It’s fun to dabble into something else creative and tactile besides drawing and painting. Paper mâché, macramé, ceramic decoration, mask-making are just a few examples of classes which are offered. Classes are open to every age group.